who is SamsPages?

SamsPages is the most WONDERFUL awomse gurl you will ever meet in the universe!!!!! lol! Well.. im SamsPages DUH baha. Anyways, i started making presentations in mid july and i quite enjoy making them ;) i was non-ss when i started making them, so thats why they were free in the beginning. Now im SS and soon running for covergirl for my b-day in november. Im planning to spend about 8000 stardollars or more. Yeah its alot :o im not gonna get all the 8000 sds by making presentations, but i get alot of orders everyday, so i can make quite alot off presentations :D and if you didnt already know, they cost 5 sds. Well if you have anymore questions, feel free to contact me in my stardoll guestbook on SamsPages or quennofbee97!


xoxo- Sam ♥__♥